Lauren Kate was born in Cape Town, and works as a Visual Art teacher at a high school in the city. When creating her artworks, the interplay of digital art with traditional media leads to an authentically rustic feel. She adores working with a variety of media such as watercolor pencils, cutout paper images, the brush and inks. The end result is that her work transports the viewer to a mysterious place in a distant land that inspires a magical story with “Africanesque” themes.

When employing the medium of collage, Lauren Kate says that every piece of the composition is viewed in an unhabitual way and each element is seen to exist as one of a kind, but also as a part of something larger than itself. Through working as a Visual Art teacher in a high school, she is surrounded by a vast array of visual sources. The compositions Lauren Kate constructs are informed by her continuous consumption of images on a daily basis.

Lauren Kate creates her artworks by hand and then takes a photograph or she scans each of her illustrations and creates an arrangement digitally using Photoshop. She thrives on the random element of all the chance connections and the process becomes a way to build her own imaginative puzzle.

The halos that often appear in her subject matter make reference to mythical beings that live in close harmony with nature. A white rabbit often features in her work. In mythic traditions, they are an archetypal symbol of femininity, associated with the lunar cycle. Also, metaphorically, to follow the white rabbit is to start an interesting journey.

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