A self-taught painter and sculptor, who find stimulation in reading, dance, and life’s emotions, Liliane Danino sees art as a language made up of vibrations. Her passionate commitment has led her into teaching art, creating set designs, working as a theatrical make-up artist, and creating special effects for film productions. Danino’s work has been exhibited regularly since 1978 in France, Morocco, Israel, USA, Canada, and around the world.

In the course of time, she has extended her sphere of interests to embrace different forms of expression, and has used the experience of traveling throughout the world to develop a constantly evolving style of painting. The characters she has met, and the places she has seen, have produced a vision of a colorful slumbering Orient which calls to mind watercolors of the early explorers. Impulsive strokes link together to delineate spontaneous movements of the body. “I like to focus on the essential, and not get lost in detail… which can clutter up your work and wear you out,” says Danino. “Taking control of what lies deep inside you with the aim of liberating your imagination from your training and experience to surrender to your feelings,” she adds. Gestures that reveal inner turmoil place her art in a romantic sphere although sometimes she can tend towards lyrical abstraction. The emotions she deals with are reflected in a density that comes from the use of “materials I add to give depth”. The handling of textures, stretching of materials, working with knife or spatula, impart a sense of come-and-go movement to the paste-like surface: and interplay of color tones show through as a result of superposing successive layers of still damp media. “My stroke work is violent, vigorous, and quick… to utilise every ounce of my energy.” Depending on the colour variations, space evokes different places: the beach and the foaming sea, a clearing in the woods and autumn leaves. Colours applied in a variety of agitated forms directly onto the canvas, merge gently into an evocation of a deserted landscape.

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