Liza Littlewort was born in Cape Town, and lives and works in the city. She uses fresh and experimental ways of working with oil paint on different surfaces, calling this methodology “Absurdist” as it creates unexpected, surreal accidents which Littlewort uses to express her sense of the essential absurdity of life. Her sense of the absurd is informed by ideas famously explored by Dadaism: the inherent ridiculousness of neo-
imperialist ideology and its effects of global devastation, mass poverty and perpetual war.

Her last solo show “We Live in the Past” critiqued hegemonic narratives of whiteness in comtemporary South Africa. For her forthcoming show in April 2016, she is focussing on what critic Brenden Gray describes as “blind, liberal acceptance of the transcendental properties and goodness of art.” She intends for it to take the form of a kind of magical-realist satire of ‘cottage mysticism’.

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