Born in 1983 in the Free State South Africa, Melani Rossouw discovered her knack for drawing at the age of 12. Little did she know where it would take her as she saw her young talents blossoming in different types of art movement through her high school career. Though being extremely versatile, she triumphs in her loose brush strokes and free paint splatter. Inspired by street art and a knack for fine art, she combines the two styles in an exquisite manner.

Her artistic nature has taken her to all kinds of artistic mediums, and her talent every finding platforms of expression and areas of exhibition for her truly unique work. Canvases, digitally created work, animation, graphic design, fashion and teaching. A true artist that uses her world as her canvas in any which way possible.

In 2001, Melani won the Danielle Howard Prize for Best Performance in Graphic design. Which led her to complete a Graphic design course at City Varsity Cape Town, South Africa. Her continuous accolades in Graphic design placed her in the design and fashion industry, working for the world renowned Vanessa G London collective.

Melani’s ambition, creativity, free-spiritedness and hungry for the arts have kept her progressing in her craft and has undoubtedly found ways to surprise, delight and feed the mind, the eye and the soul with her creations. She continues to participate in Group exhibitions, collaborations and in various platforms to share her work.

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