Micha Serraf is a Fine Art graduate from the Michaelis School Of Fine Art, University of Cape Town. He graduated from his class of 2016 on the Deans merit list and was selected as one of the most promising students. His work has been sold to buyers from around the world. As a Zimbabwean citizen seeking refuge in South Africa, Micha Serraf left home and came to live in Cape Town. He is working on a project that deals with afrophobia, human migration, the identities merged and blended therein and the issues and violence surrounding xenophobia and his ‘alien’ existence. Serraf’s life as a Zimbabwean living in South Africa, like so many other foreign nationals, is not always easy. Serraf explains that his first real experience with xenophobia was being thrown out of a cab in 2008 in the middle of a city he knew nothing about. Since then he has often found himself in situations where he feels safer lying about his identity than disclosing this integral part of who he is. His work attempts to bring to light the foreign, victim and mixed identities within everyone. Serraf says: “Looking back on my first few years at school in South Africa, I have only recently started seeing them for what they were: times in which my identity as a Zimbabwean was ridiculed. I used to pretend to laugh at questions like: “How did you come to South Africa? Did you climb over or under the border fence?” and “are you good at jumping because you are black or because you practiced before skipping the fence?” because it was always easier to let it slide.” However, Serraf says that he can no longer let it slide. His work has therefore focused on his own migration and how it has shaped who he is, and the migration of other Africans and how it has shaped their identities. Through photography Serraf uses the constant fear of violence and revealment to explore black alien identities through his own.

“Why on African soil do we fight the feeling that we trespass?” – Micha Serraf

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