Ruth Frances is a Cape Town based artist with a multi-disciplinary background in painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration and ceramics. She works from Eastside Studios in Salt River. She was born in Joburg in 1986 and grew up there, attending The National School of the Arts. After school her studies in ceramics, spatial design and fine art laid the foundation for her subsequent exploration of her visual art practice. She uses her personal experiences and observations to explore themes of transient states of consciousness, memory, perception and value. She uses these concepts to better comprehend and navigate the material and abstract aspects of this world. Frances’ work often includes pattern which is combined with the human form – which for her is the ultimate subject matter and an unending source of fascination. She allows the creative exploration of each project to inform her choice of medium.

Artist Statement

  1. ‘Imaginarium in polarity’
  2.  ‘Into the deep’
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