Sizo Mahlangu is a performance artist, based in Cape Town. American Born (1993), Sizo and his family moved back to Johannesburg, South Africa shortly before the presidency of Nelson Mandela. After finishing his studies at the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town in 2015, Mahlangu has pushed the conventions of the performative arts within the mediums of theatre, film, and public space intervention.

In relation to television and film, Mahlangu features as Obi in the fourth season of Black Sails (2017), and will also be featured in National Geographic’s original series Origins: The History of Mankind (2017). Mahlangu received favorable reviews for his role as Othello in The Galloway Theatre’s production of Othello (2015). During the course of this past year Mahlangu has captivated audiences through his poetry and performance art. In February 2017 Mahlangu performed his original work, Black Jesus, The Chosen Few and HOMELESSNESS at Gallery MOMO Cape Town.

Mahlangu’s work is concerned with the psychology of the performative identity. How we dress, move, sing and believe only functions within the restrictions of normative physical and material behaviour. Mahlangu’s work seeks to critique and dismantle these constructs by subverting conservative expectations with taboos of sexuality, gluttony, blasphemy, phallacies of truth and the persistence of privilege.


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