William Parkin is an artist with an exceptional understanding of images and three- dimensional illusions. Working in oils, he has a unique ability to create surface textures that depict objects in striking hyper-reality. This technique, combined with Parkin’s interpretation of the relationship between the disparate elements of each composition, depict the paradox of human existence. Each piece invites the viewer to engage in a new dialectic, often evoking a deeply personal response as layer upon layer of meaning is revealed. Parkin’s innovative use of juxtaposition and scale present us with opportunities to explore alternatives to preconceived notions of reality. His work alludes to discrepancies between the “self” we struggle to portray to the outside world and an “inner self” many of us prefer not to acknowledge. It is as if each of Parkin’s pieces is looking into the human soul, challenging us to venture into realms that would otherwise remain unexplored. More information on request.

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