Artscape Opening Exhibition



“Artscape CEO Marlene Leroux an French Consul Xavier d’Argoeuves with Catherine Timotei.”


“Artscape CEO Marlene Leroux an French Consul Xavier d’Argoeuves”


“With Bill Constantine American Air Force General and partner.” 


“LDV  gallery art initiative Art from the Heart , group students.”




“Celebrating the theatre play Priscillia Queen of the Desert.”


“Very successful exhibition.”

Art from the heart students: Casspir Project

LDV gallery art initiative, “Art from the Heart”, Art to change the world.





Ralph Zuman legacy: Casspir project Iziko National gallery, women at work exhibition. Beads Not bullets.




LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art initiative, art students final year price giving at the TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM in Cape Town.




LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art initiative, ” Art from the Heart” Art students at the Iziko National gallery exhibition October 2016.



LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art, Heritage day mural at Iziko National gallery Museum




LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art students Heritage day mural exhibition.



LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art from the heart initiative, young students at IZIKO NATIONAL GALLERY MUSEUM. April 2016




LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Art from the heart initiative, ” Art from the Heart”, students, at Iziko National gallery Museum exhibition.2016




LDV ART FOR CAUSES: Leonardo da Vinci Gallery, Spin Street Cape Town, Art from the Heart initiative. February 2016


Art From The Heart

Venue: Dapper Coffee & Co

A pop-up exhibition is opening in the CBD – but this time the work of a different kind of artist will be on display.

All the works will be created by a talented group of children from the Cape Flats under the Art from the Heart initiative.

Art from the Heart teaches art to children from less fortunate backgrounds who have been identified for their artistic ability. The brainchild of Catherine Timotei, the owner of the Leonardo DaVinci Gallery (LDV Gallery), the initiative aims to assist children in giving them a chance to lift themselves up in life and make something with their talent that might otherwise be wasted.

Every Saturday the 12 kids are taken to her gallery in town and she gives them classes, covering theory and practical. She personally covers all the costs of the art supplies and gets assistance from the Iziko National Gallery with the curriculum. All of the themes are adapted to fit in with these children’s own life experiences, and presented in a way that they can identify and relate to the content.

“Art is a universal language and the most powerful tool for communicating and effecting change. Art is the perfect means for young people to express themselves, and with the life experiences of the youth who are growing up in our communities, there is great potential to develop artistic talents. The objective is to develop these children’s interest and enhance their skills in order to provide them with a means of expression.”

V The Art Pop Art Cars exhibition will run at Dapper Coffee Co, situated on the corner of Bree and Strand streets, until Wednesday 15 June. Entry is free.


Source: News 24

Catherine at Roche Bobois South Africa

design house Roche Bobois - catherine-timotei

Contemporary Corsican artist Catherine Timotei’s striking artwork displayed at renowned French furniture design house Roche Bobois South Africa to enhance the nouveaux classique pieces in their new showroom. This exhibition will run until the end of June. Go and check it out!

Venue: Roche Bobois, 10 Kloof St, Cape Town
Time: Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm | Sat 9am to 2pm
Cost: Free