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‘Imaginarium in polarity’

An imagined intermediary world between dreams and waking

In this series the idea of the conscious and sub-consciousness were my starting point. The initial sketches came to me very spontaneously, perhaps an unexplained glimpse into my dream scape realm? On analysis I observed that the compositions hinged heavily on polarities. Awake / asleep; day / night; reality / dreams; human / non-human; organic / geometric; seeing / feeling; ground / sky; passive / active. In this vein, recurring symbols took on significant meaning. The rats and pigeons came to signify day and night; and in a more abstract sense, existing in the sub-conscious mind vs. in a conscious state. Similarly, the autobiographical figures, which are often in opposition, represent my own experience of the dichotomy. By combining contradictory elements in one composition a dynamic intermediary world has emerged and become a meeting point between the two – an imaginarium of sorts. It is a conversation about how they fit together and how each is interpreted by the other.